Unicorn Overlord - How to Defeat Shaman
A guide on how to defeat and the countermeasures against the Shaman in Unicorn Overlord.

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Shaman Countermeasures in Unicorn Overlord

Assist attack with Archer or Wizard

Unicorn Overlord - How to Defeat Shaman

You should make use of an archer or wizard as your leader when carrying out an assist attack, your first move will decrease the Shaman's HP, making it easier to defeat.

Assist attacks are initiated when friendly forces within range engage in combat.

During stages with a large number of shamans, it is an effective plan to switch the unit's leader to a character who can carry out with assist attacks.

Additionally, if you wish to start an assist attack, we suggest setting it on a lookout tower on the field, which will increase the assist range.

◆Main classes that activate assist attacks as a leader:

Use Cleric's Passive skill

After having the Cleric use the passive skill "Refresh" which he gets at level 10, he can disable the shaman's debuff.

But if the shaman has a higher level and possess an AP or PP of more than two, you have to deal with this by equipping the cleric with a Lapis Pendant.

The Elf Archer, which can be recruited in the Elflame area, a class that is significantly better at eliminating debuffs than the Cleric, so you'll want to include it in your team in clashes with lots of Shamans.

◆Main classes with passive skills to remove debuffs:

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