Unicorn Overlord - Best Ways to Use Honor
An explanation for the best and effective methods of spending your Honor in Unicorn Overlord.

Recommended uses for Honor points in Unicorn Overlord

Here are the recommended and effective methods of using your Honor points in Unicorn Overlord.

For a guide on Honor point farming, read this guide below:

Honor Farming Guide

Spend Honor points to promote your units.

Unicorn Overlord - High Lord Advanced Class Change

As soon as Advanced classes are available, make it a point to change the base classes of your character units.

Your character units' stat growth will be significantly bigger if they undergo class promotion. They will also be able to unlock new skills, raise their PP and AP levels, and expand their carrying capacity for equipment.

Class promotion requires Renown Rank B or higher, so Advanced classes are reachable around by mid game.

Expand the number of formations by spending Honor points.

Unicorn Overlord - Use Honor Points to Increase Formation Teams

While you are waiting to reach Renown Rank Level B, you can invest your Honor points to increase your number of formations.

Adding more formations or teams will help your character units' opportunities to gain experience points to level up. Therefore, increasing their combat potential to later battles.

Take note that the experience points you gain per enemy encounter will be distributed equally to all units under that formation.

Increase the max size of your formations by exchanging Honor points.

Unicorn Overlord - Use Honor Points to Expand Unit Slots

After unlocking more formations, you can now proceed to unlock more unit slots for that formation.

Whenever you increase the unit capacity of your formations, more team strategies and synergies can be accessed.

However, don't try to fill all of a formation's unit slots. Prior to deploying in combat, it is advisable to make sure that every formation you have unlocked has an equal or nearly equal amount of unit slots.

Furthermore, don't focus on increasing the amount of unit slots early game because often a two-unit formation is sufficient to defeat a number of enemy formations or be a support team or utility team.

Two-unit formations are still viable.

Unicorn Overlord - Two-Unit Formation Primm and Kitra

Two-unit formations are still effective from mid game and beyond. You can ensure their survivability by having them equipped with field weapons, assisted attacks, and Brave skills.

During mid game, it is better to assign your two-unit formations as support or utility teams. Furthermore, you can command them to pick up field weapons.

Hire mercenaries to fill up slots of your formations.

Unicorn Overlord - Gryphon Knight Mercenary

If you don't have enough units to fill up additional unit slots, you better not spending honor points. Otherwise, you can recruit mercenaries to temporarily fill up the position.

The best mercenaries to hire are Gryphon Knights and Witches, particularly if your formation only needs one slot to fill.

Remember that in the late game, Gryphon Knights are not viable anymore to hire for battle stages. Because of their mobility and damage, these are the ideal mercenaries to get during early game battle stages.

Best Mercenary Classes to Hire