Unicorn Overlord - Equipment Enhancement Guide: How to Unlock and Enhance
Details on how to unlock the Blacksmith and how to enhance equipment in Unicorn Overlord.

How to Unlock Blacksmith

Unicorn Overlord - A Faded Flower Side Quest Location

The Blacksmith can be unlocked by completing the "A Faded Flower" side quest in the Albion region.

The Blacksmith is found between Oakford and Heavensriver and is indicated on the map with an anvil icon.

How to Enhance Equipment

Unicorn Overlord - How to Enhance Equipment

Gather the items required to enhance equipment.

To enhance your equipment, you will need to acquire Fevrite x1 and Honors x50.

Fevrites can be purchased from churches and black market dealers, while Honors can be obtained from battles.

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Equipment Enhancement Effects

Enhancing equipment will increase their attack power and defense to a certain value, and the stats affected differ depending on the type of equipment.

Note that special abilities and passive skills will remain unchanged during and after the enhancement.

The effects of equipment enhancement are as follows:

Equipment Type Effects
Physical Weapon +25 Physical Attack
Magic Weapon +25 Magic Attack
Physical and Magic Weapon +20 Physical Attack

+10 Magic Attack

Shield +8 Defense Power

+30% Guard Rate

Greatshield +16 Defense Power

+40% Guard Rate