A guide for battle system in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Battle System Guide

Battle System Guide for Unicorn Overlord


You must sortie friendly units from your "base" and move them to your destination. The facility with the blue flag on the battlefield is the "base". To sortie friendly units from your base, you will consume a resource called Brave.


Sortied units can be moved by issuing instructions. Doing that will move the unit to the place that you choose.


When you come into contact with an enemy on the battlefield, you will enter the encounter state. When you encounter someone, you can choose whether or not to "Battle" using a command. A battle will begin if you select "Battle".


If there are friendly units nearby when you encounter an enemy, you can change the character fighting with the command "Change" before the battle. Check your compatibility with the enemy, change to an ally unit that has an advantage, and then move on to battle.

Wait and First Strike

At the end of the battle, units with low remaining HP are judged to have been defeated, and after being blown away, they fall into a "wait state". If you come into contact with a "wait state" enemy and fight, your attack will always be a "first strike" and you will be able to act as quickly as possible at the start of the battle.


Fighting will consumes stamina. Once you run out of stamina, you will no longer be able to move. A certain amount of stamina is recovered by "resting", but while resting, you are defenseless and if an enemy engages you in battle, you will be attacked one-sidedly. Since you cannot take any actions while resting and become defenseless, you need to choose the timing to rest carefully.

Game Over

The game over conditions are set for each stage as shown below.

  • Exceeding the stage time limit
  • Ally base is conquered

Even if you get a Game Over, you can return to the game if you have the special item "Cornu's Sacred Ashes".


There are stage gimmicks. You can turn the tide of battle around by using gimmicks. Gimmicks example:

  • Prayer Statue: Calls tornadoes etc.
  • Camp: Heals allies
  • Catapult: throw stones

Valor Skill

Valor skills are skills that are activated by consuming Valor. Valor is obtained while completing stages. Valor skills that can be used differ for each class.

Active Skill

During battle, when it is the turn of an allied unit to take action, that unit's "active skills" can be used. Active skills are activated by consuming AP. AP is represented by a red gem on the battle screen when you take action. The battle ends when both the enemy and ally have used all their AP.

Passive Skill

Skills that are used automatically in response to certain conditions during battle are called Passive Skills. Passive skills are activated by consuming PP. PP is represented by a blue gem around the unit on the battle screen. The activation conditions for passive skills vary depending on the skill. Since PP is always required for activation, even if the activation conditions of the Passive Skill are met, without PP it will not be activated.

Strategy Priorities

Actions during battle are carried out based on the "Strategy" set at the time of making unit formation. You can also prioritize your "Strategy". What actions can be taken will be determined, starting with the strategy that have the highest priority. It is important to set priorities for "Strategy" so that actions can be taken according to the character's role, such as using attack skills or recovery skills.

Setting the conditions for strategy

You can specify detailed conditions for your strategy. Up to two conditions can be set for one skill. When two set conditions are met, the character will activate the skill. If no strategy is specified, the target will basically be the enemy in front of you.

Auto Setting Function

If you use the "Auto Setting" function, not only equipment but also strategies will be automatically set. Therefore, it is designed so that even users who want to play quickly can easily prepare for battle.