Unicorn Overlord - Online Battle Guide
Details and an overview of Online Battle and its features in Unicorn Overlord.

Online Battle Guide for Unicorn Overlord

Participate in online battles through the Coliseum.

Unicorn Overlord - Online Battle Guide

You can participate in online battles by going to the Coliseum.

But you must first unlock the Coliseum and set up your squad for the online battle.

Unicorn Overlord Coliseum Locatio and First Completion Rewards

Create and set up your Defense.

Unicorn Overlord - Defense Unit

You can create a Defensive Unit of your own for online battles and challenge other players' Defenses.

Increase your World Rank by winning Ranked Matches.

Unicorn Overlord - Ranked Match

Winning Ranked Matches will increase your World Rank. In this mode, you will have to defeat the Defense Unit that was set up by players from all over the world.

Assemble your strongest units and take on ranked matches.