Unicorn Overlord - Elven Fencer Class Guide: How to Unlock
Class overview, learned skills, and unlock condition guide for the Elven Fencer in Unicorn Overlord.

Elven Fencer Class Guide in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Elven Fencer Class Guide: How to Unlock

Elven Fencer Class Information

Elven Fencer Class Details

Character Details
Class Type Sword / Infantry / Caster / Elf
Class Trait N/A
Stamina 6/6
Movement Type Infantry
Assist Type Magic
Mobility 100
Leader Effect Magick Assist: Can provide magick assists for allied units.
Available Characters Unicorn Overlord - Ithilion Character IconIthilion


Elven Fencer Class Battle Compatibility

Strong Against Weak Against
- -

Elven Fencer Class Skills

Active Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Lightning Blade Attack a single enemy. Inflicts Stun.
Nature's Wrath Attack a column of enemies with piercing magick. Inflicts PP -1 to cavalry targets.
Mirage Stab Attack a row of enemies. Grants the user the ability to evade one attack.

Passive Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Sylphic Barrier Activates after an ally is hit by a ranged phys. attack. Allow an ally to evade one attack.
Remove Weakness Activates after the user is debuffed. Remove the user's debuffs. Grants user a buff to evade one attack.
Evasive Impetus Activates after evading an attack. Grants the user +1 AP.

Valor Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Thundercloud Rain lightning on a position and damage all enemy units within range. (Magick potency: 50. Duration: 20 seconds. Damage occurs every 2 seconds.)

Elven Fencer Class Unit Stat Growth

Stat Growth Rate Stat Growth Rate
HP C Initiative C
Physical Attack B Physical Defense D
Magic Attack A Magic Defense B
Accuracy C Evasion B
Critical Rate D Guard Rate D