Permanent Events and Missables Guide for Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord - Permanent Events and Missables

Permanent Events and Missables Guide for Unicorn Overlord

Characters Recruit

Unicorn Overlord - Character Recruit

After clearing a quest or side quest, you may be given the option to recruit allies into you party. If you invite them, they will become your friend, and if you decline, they will not become your friend, but you will receive items instead. The choice here is an irreversible element, and once you refuse, it will be impossible for that character to join your team later.

Difference between unique characters and mercenary

Unicorn Overlord - Recruit Mercenary

The differences between unique characters such as Lex and mercenary are as follows.

Unique Characters Mercenary Characters
Graphic Character-specific and unique Selectable and no individuality
Growth Type Fixed Choice
Rapport Conversations Yes None

Everything other than the above is basically the same. For example, if you use the same class and the same growth type, the unique character and mercenary character will have the same stats and skills. Also, although there is no rapport conversation, there is a rapport in mercenary too, so you can still receive the benefits of formation bonuses based on the characters rapport.

Characters Persuasion

Be careful because if you fail to persuade a character that requires persuasion, you will not be able to take it back. For example, in the sub-quest "Extermination of Thieves", if you defeat Nina before persuading her with Mille, Nina won't join the party.

Event Choices

Unicorn Overlord - Gammel Choice

There are some events, such as Gammel's events, that change the course of events depending on the choices you make. Basically, it's the same as recruiting characters, if you choose the top option, the event will proceed, and if you choose the bottom option, the event will end and you will receive an item. Many of the items that can be obtained here can be obtained later, so it is recommended that you prioritize progressing through the event.

About Permanent Death

No Permanent Death

Unlike the Fire Emblem series, characters are not lost even if their HP reaches 0 during battle. In addition to being able to revive them with items, they will be revived automatically when you conquer the map. It is also possible to gain experience points even when the characters are unable to fight. (However, the experience points gained will be less)