Unicorn Overlord - Cleric Class Guide: How to Unlock
Class overview, learned skills, and unlock condition guide for the Cleric in Unicorn Overlord.

Cleric Class Guide in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Cleric Class Guide: How to Unlock

Cleric Class Information

Cleric Class Details

Character Details
Class Type Staff / Infantry / Spellcaster
Class Trait -
Stamina 5
Movement Type Infantry
Assist Type Recovery
Mobility 80
Leader Effect Healing Assist: Can provide healing assists for allied units.
Available Characters Unicorn Overlord - Sharon Character IconSharon
Unicorn Overlord - Tatiana Character IconTatiana
Unicorn Overlord - Primm Character IconPrimm

Cleric Class Battle Compatibility

Strong against Weak against

Cleric Class Skills

Active Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Heal Restore moderate HP to an ally.
- -
- -

Passive Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Quick Heal Activates after an ally is hit by an attack.
Restore minor HP to an ally.
- -
Lifesaver Activates before being attacked.
Heal self for minor HP recovery. Grants user a buff to endure one lethal blow.

Valor Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Heal Restore 50% HP to allied units within range.

Cleric Class Unit Stat Growth

Stat Growth Rate Stat Growth Rate
HP D Initiative E
Physical Attack F Physical Defense E
Magic Attack C Magic Defense S
Accuracy C Evasion B
Critical Rate F Guard Rate F