A guide of Marriage for Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord - Marriage Guide

Marriage Guide for Unicorn Overlord

Main quest "The Unicorn and the Maiden"

Unicorn Overlord - Marriage Quest

After clearing the final main quest in Elheim "Witch's Word", the main quest "The Unicorn and the Maiden" will occur, where the protagonist can perform the Rite of Covenant to choose the marriage partner. The person you choose in this event will become your partner, and some of the event details at the end of the game will change.

Marriage event can be done anytime after unlocking the quest

Marriage event can be held at any time after main quest "The Unicorn and the Maiden" is unlocked. You can do this event anytime as long as you do it before taking on the final battle, "Unicorn Overlord."

Conditions for choosing marriage partner

Unicorn Overlord - Marriage Event

The condition for choosing your marriage partner is to "See all Rapport Conversation with Alain". Please note that "Maximum Affection" is not enough.

Same-sex marriage is possible

Unicorn Overlord - Same Sex Marriage

Any character that Alain can have a rapport conversation with can become your marriage partner. Therefore, same-sex marriage is also possible. Please note that mercenaries cannot be selected as partners.

Ending Events Change

Unicorn Overlord - Ending Event

Depending on the partner you choose, the characters that appear in some events at the end of the game will change.

The ending will be a pair ending

Unicorn Overlord - Pair Ending

At the ending, you can see what happened to the characters you recruited. Alain future story changes depending on who you chooses as your partner.

You can reselect marriage partner after clearing the game

Unicorn Overlord - Post Game Marriage Event

You can redo the marriage event after clearing the game. Therefore, there is no need to make a separate save data to see multiple pair ending.