A guide for beginner in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide for Unicorn Overlord


Follow the Story

Unicorn Overlord - Story Beginner's Guide

Unicorn Overlord is a game with a high degree of freedom, and as you progress through the story a little, you can move around the map. You can suddenly go to a faraway destination, but if you do so, your power will be lacking and end up losing the fight. It's recommended to head towards the story destination while completing side quests, and advance through the story while strengthening your team power.

Recruit Characters

Unicorn Overlord - Character Recruit 2

You may have the option to recruit characters during an event after clearing a side quest. The choice here is an irreversible element, and if you do not recruit the character, the character will not join the party ever again. If you choose to not recruit them, you will receive a small reward such as items, but be sure to recruit them as the benefits will be greater if you make them join the party.

Unicorn Overlord Permanent Events and Missables Guide

Difficulty can be Changed Any Time

Unicorn Overlord - Normal Game Difficulty

The difficulty level selected at the beginning of the game can be changed at any time from the system. If you find it difficult to clear stages, try to lower the difficulty level.

Unicorn Overlord Game Difficulty Guide

Leveling at Ancient Magic Circle

Unicorn Overlord - Ancient Magic Circle

As you progress through the story, you will discover a spot called "Ancient Magic Circle". This ancient magic circle can be challenged as many times as you liked, and after clearing it, you can receive a "Guidebook" that gives you experience points when used, making it a good place to level up. If the enemy is strong and you are stuck, go leveling at the ancient magic circle.


Unit Organization is Important

Unicorn Overlord - Unit Sortie

In Unicorn Overlord you need to organizes your units, and battles are conducted on a unit-by-unit basis. Units have a frontline and a rearguard, and they must be placed with characters that suit their respective roles. Also, by pairing characters that have synergy with each other, such as Gryphon Knight and Fighter, you can advance the battle more efficiently.

Unicorn Overlord Best Unit Formations

Don't Miss Fallen Items

Unicorn Overlord - Fallen items

There are shiny spots on the battle map, and you can get items by moving your units there. You may also be able to obtain items by conquering towns and ruins. Once you clear the stage, you will not be able to obtain those items again, so try to clear the stage while collecting as many items as possible.

Rest when you run out of stamina

Unicorn Overlord - Rest

Each unit has a stamina, and when you run out of stamina, you can't move your unit but you can still fight enemies. Therefore, if you run out of stamina, select "Rest" and try to recover your stamina. While resting, you will be completely defenseless and will suffer heavy damage if attacked by the enemy, so place other units nearby to protect your resting troops.

Royal Order Only Affect One Unit

Unicorn Overlord - Royal Order

Main Character valor skill "Royal Order" seems to be effective on a wide range of allies, but it only affects one unit, so be careful. If the skill effect is effective on all allies within the range, the circle will be blue, and if it is only effective on one ally within the circle, the circle will be white, so keep this in mind when using the skill.

Prioritize Enemies with Assist Attacks

Unicorn Overlord - Enemy Assist Attack

As you progress through the story, enemies that use assist attacks will begin to appear. Assist attacks damage the entire unit, so vulnerable rearguard units will be easily defeated. Therefore, prioritize defeating enemies that use assist attacks. The range of the enemy's assist attack can be seen by the red circle that appears when time is frozen.


Where to Use Honors

Unicorn Overlord - Honors

Honors can be obtained at various times, such as by clearing stages and quests. Honors are items that are consumed when using the fort's facilities, and are mainly used for four purposes: "expand the number of people in your unit", "expand your unit frame", "hiring mercenaries", and "class promotion". All of them is locked by your Renown Rank, and as you raise your Renown Rank you will gradually unlock them all. In the early games, it is recommended to use honors to "expand the number of people in your unit" and "expand your unit frame", and especially prioritize "expand the number of people in your unit".

Rebuild Town

Unicorn Overlord - Town Rebuild

Each town has delivery requests for reconstruction, and by completing all the deliveries, the town will be rebuild and locked functions will be restored. Most towns function is only to place guards, but some allows you to take a ship to a secret island. The materials necessary for reconstruction are falling on the map, so be sure to check the map for shiny spots.

Guards Placed in Town can still Join Battle

When you rebuild a town, you will be able to place guards. If you place a guards in the town, they will collect items from nearby collection points, so be sure to place a guards. Also, characters placed as guards can still participate in battle as usual, so there is no problem in placing any character you like as a guards.

Get Powerful Equipment with Treasure Maps

As you progress through the story, you may discover a mining site. Treasure maps can be found at a mining site with a certain probability. You can get powerful equipment by going to the location of the treasure map, so be careful not to miss it.