A guide for field exploration in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Field Exploration Guide

Field Exploration Guide for Unicorn Overlord

Quest Occurance

Events appeared as a quests

Events that occur during field exploration appeared as various quests, and you can start conquering the stages linked to the quests.

Quest Reward

Earn quest rewards by clearing the stage.

Quests can be completed in any order

All events appeared as a quests, so players can play the quests that occur in any order they are interested in.

Town Liberation and Rebuilding

Victory over the imperial army and the town is liberated

When you win the battle against the imperial army (enemy army) and cleared the stage, surrounding towns and forts will be liberated. In liberated towns and forts, facilities such as "arms shop" and "tool shop" will become available, and the enemies that were wandering around the town will disappear.

Rebuild the town by delivering materials

Some of the towns you liberate is destroyed, but by delivering materials you can begin rebuilding the town. As towns begin to rebuild, available facilities and features will be added to the towns.

Inns will be added to fortified cities

When a large town, such as a fortified city, is rebuilt, "inns" will be added to the available facilities, and characters who eat together in the inn will be able to increase their rapport with each other.

Gathering and Guards Placement

Gathering items can be obtained at specific locations

In the field, you can gather items from specific locations such as grassy areas and beaches. Gathered items can be delivered to the town, so it will also be useful for town rebuilding.

Guards stationed in the city will receive a reward

Once the town is rebuilt, you will be able to station one of your fellow characters as a "guards". Allied characters stationed there will receive rewards each time they clear a stage.

Guards will automatically collect gathering items

If you have already discovered a gathering point near your character stationed as a guards, the gathering items will be automatically collected from there.

Forts, Renown and Honors

Things to do at the fort

In the fort, you can conduct "mock battles" and "unit expansion". "Mock Battle" is a mode in which allied units formed before battle fight each other. With "Unit Expansion", you can add the maximum number of unit that you can make. Unit can be expanded to up to 10 units, and each unit can have up to 5 people.

Honors are required to use the fort

To use the fort, you need a Honors. You can get honors from clearing stage and doing delivery request.

Unlock fort features by raising Renown Rank

As your Renown Rank increases, features available at the fort will be unlocked. Renown is earned by completing various quests and rebuilding the town. As your renown rank increases, you will be able to hire "mercenaries" and you can freely change their costumes.

Encounters and Mining

Earn honors by winning enemy encounters

While exploring, battles will suddenly occur by colliding with enemies wandering around the field. If you defeat the enemy in this battle, you will receive honors. If you lose in the battle, you will be returned to the area you have already liberated.

Pay money to play mining game

At the "Quarry" you can pay money to play mining games. By repeating this for a certain period of time, you can obtain materials such as ore. Mining can give you rare materials or treasure maps.