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Useful Guides
Permanent Events How to Increase Intimacy
Marriage Guide How to Recruit All Units
Class Promotion Guide How to Get the Best Weapons
Should You Hire Mercenaries for Defense?

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Beginner's Guide
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Should You go to Drakenhold or Elheim First?

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Best Mercenaries How to Get the Best Weapons
Should You Hire Mercenaries for Defense? Best Ways to Use Honor
Best Divine Shard Exchange Items Best Equipment (Weapons and Accessories)


Where to Get Divine Shards How to Get Infinite Divine Shards
How to Get Drop-Type Items How to Use Fevrite

Special Facilities

Special Facilities
Church Locations Black Market Locations and Purchasable Items
The Sigil's Trials (Auxiliary Stages) Blacksmith (Equipment Enhancement)
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Farming Guides
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Honor Farming Guide Renown Farming Guide

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Best Unit Formations Class Compatibility Chart
How to Defeat Shamans

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Unicorn Overlord Fevrith Factions (Countries)

Fevrith Factions
Unicorn Overlord - Cornia EmblemCornia Unicorn Overlord - Drakenhold EmblemDrakenhold
Unicorn Overlord - Elheim EmblemElheim Unicorn Overlord - Bastorias EmblemBastorias
Unicorn Overlord - Albion EmblemAlbion

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What is Unicorn Overlord?

Strategy Role-Playing Game (RPG)

Unicorn Overlord - Game Overview 1

Unicorn Overlord is a fantasy strategy role-playing game (RPG) that follows the story of the main character Alain, the crown prince of the fallen kingdom of Cornia who fights to take back his country.

Over 60 recruitable units.

Unicorn Overlord - Game Overview 2

As you liberate towns in each land, you will meet characters from various races who become allies.

This allows you to freely form armies with comrades you have gathered in the game.

As you continue to fight alongside allied units, your intimacy with them will increase and grant a unit formation bonus in battle

Unit composition is the key to victory in battle.

Which lands to conquer is up to you.

Unicorn Overlord - Game Overview 3

The game takes place is in the fictional continent of Fevrith which is made up of five countries (factions).

▼ The Five Factions of Fevrith

  • Cornia
  • Drakenhold
  • Elheim
  • Bastorias
  • Albion Church

Alain, the former crown prince of Cornia, is the game's main character.

You progress through the game by visiting each country in the continent of Fevrith and liberating its towns.

Note that it is possible to advance the main story from any route. It is up to the player to decide where to begin.

The difficulty of each stage will vary depending on the land which will test the player's skill in strategy and preparation.

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Unicorn Overlord Product Information

Game Unicorn Overlord
Genre Strategy, Role-Playing
Platforms Nintendo Switch (NSW), PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox Series X and Series S
Developer Vanillarware, Atlus
Publisher SEGA