Unicorn Overlord - All Church Locations and Exchangeable Items
Details about the locations of the churches and all exchangeable items in Unicorn Overlord.

Exchange Items for Divine Shards

Bring Divine Shards at the Church.

Unicorn Overlord - Church Exchange Items

The church is a facility where you can get items in exchange for Divine Shards. Some of these items are rare and are not sold in regular shops.

Please note that the exchangeable items are all the same, no matter which church you go to.

How to Get Divine Shards

Divine Shards can be obtained by examining the sparkling objects in the overworld.

They are found all over the map, so make sure to explore and look for them from time to time.

Unicorn Overlord Where to Get Divine Shards

Church Exchangeable Items

Item Stock Cost (Divine Shard) Type
Hallowed Corne Ash Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Vitality Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Strength Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Knowledge Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Protection Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Warding Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Parrying Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Skill Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Acuity Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Keenness Infinite 2 Consumable
Dew of Agility Infinite 2 Consumable
Templar's Sword 5 4 Sword
Templar's Spear 5 4 Spear
Templar's Axe 5 4 Axe
Templar's Bow 5 4 Bow
Templar's Staff 5 4 Stave
Templar's Shield 5 4 Shield
Templar's Greatshield 5 4 Greatshield
Charm of Warding 1 10 Accessory
Holy Knight's Shield 1 15 Shield
Cleric's Cane 1 15 Stave
Carnelian Pendant 2 20 Accessory
Angel Plume 1 20 Accessory
Holy Broach 1 20 Accessory
Heavensteed Reins 1 20 Accessory
Heavenwyvern Reins 1 20 Accessory
White Cat-Ear Hood 1 20 Accessory
Millenium Scepter 1 20 Stave
Gran Baris 1 20 Greatshield
Fevrite 1 20 Consumable

Church Locations

Church Area
Unicorn Overlord - Rondmort Church Location

Rondmort Church

Espoir Church Cornia
Unicorn Overlord - Monte Libre Church Location

Monte Libre Church

Unicorn Overlord - Einsel Church Location

Einsel Church

Unicorn Overlord - Prinzessa Church Location

Prinzessa Church

Sebagarha Church Bastorias
Unicorn Overlord - Grand Palevia Cathedral Location

Grand Palevia Cathedral

Unicorn Overlord - Amber Abbey Location

Amber Abbey

Boughdrin Church Albion