Unicorn Overlord - Money Farming Guide
A guide on the best ways to farm money fast in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord - Money Farming Guide

Best Early-Game Money Farming Method

Farm money from Auxiliary Stages.

Unicorn Overlord - Auxiliary Battles

Replaying Auxiliary Stages as many times as you like lets you earn War Funds, EXP, honor medals during the early game.

In particular, The Sigil's Trial, Moderate 1 is on of the best stages to get lots of money fast during the beginning sections of the story campaign.

By using the catapults and ballistae on the map, you can easily clear the stage to keep farming money.

Clear Mock Battles.

Unicorn Overlord - Mock Battles

While on the field, you will sometimes find mob characters with battle marks. Talking to them will initiate mock battles which reward you with 2,000 G for clearing them for the first time.

In the early stages, mob characters will appear every time you unlock a new area so defeat them to collect as many War Funds as you need.

Best Mid- to Late-Game Money Farming Method

After reaching the middle- and late-game stages, try farming other Sigil's Trial Auxiliary Stages that match your level to earn lots of money fast.

The Sigil's Trials Auxiliary Stage Locations

Stage Name Enemy Level Location (Overworld Map) Location (Area)
The Sigil's Trial, Moderate 3 18 Unicorn Overlord - The Sigil's Trial Moderate 3 (Map) Unicorn Overlord - The Sigil's Trial Moderate 3 (Location)
The Sigil's Trial, Advanced 2 26 Unicorn Overlord - The Sigil's Trial Advanced 2 (Map) Unicorn Overlord - The Sigil's Trial Advanced 2 (Location)
The Sigil’s Trial, Expert  1 31 Unicorn Overlord - The Sigil's Trial Expert 1 (Map) Unicorn Overlord - The Sigil's Trial Expert 1 (Location)
The Sigil’s Trial, Expert  2 34 Unicorn Overlord - The Sigil's Trial Expert 2 (Map) Unicorn Overlord - The Sigil's Trial Expert 2 (Location)

How to Farm Money Efficiently

Equip items that increase the money you earn.

Using certain items and equipment will help speed up the process of farming money in the game.

Double the money you win in battle using Golden Eggs (accessory).

Unicorn Overlord - Golden Egg (Accessory)

Equipping the Golden Egg accessory will double the amount of money a unit can earn in battle.

Be sure to equip Golden Eggs on ace-class units that have many opportunities to destroy enemies.

The ways to obtain Golden Eggs are described below.

How to Get Golden Eggs in the Early Stages
  • Buy at the shop in Oevuille Town for 30000G.
  • Reward from the Palevia's Escaped Chickens side quest.

Earn twice as many money by using the Bandit's Hand Axe (weapon).

Unicorn Overlord - Bandit's Hand Axe (Weapon)

You can also use the Bandit's Hand Axe which is an axe that can double the money you earn in battle. You can buy this weapon from the Black Market Trader in Elheim for 5000G.

Location (Overworld Map) Location (Area)
Unicorn Overlord - Voryatan Black Market Trader (Map) Unicorn Overlord - Voryatan Black Market Trader (Area)

The Black Market Trader is located to the west of the Voryatan Citadel. Note that he only appears at night.

Tripe the money you earn with Miser's Bracelet.

Unicorn Overlord - Miser's Bracelet (Accessory)

The Miser's Bracelet is an accessory that boosts the money you earn from battles by 300%. It is one of Gammel's starting equipment who you can recruit in the quest A Shifting Tide if you spared him earlier in the story.

Use Travis' Plunder Valor Skill.

If you use Travis' Thief skill Plunder, you can get about 1000G in the early stages.

Plunder is a Valor Skill, so use it proactively when you have Valor Points to spare.

The amount of money you can earn using Plunder is not that large, though a steady means to farm it is useful nonetheless.

Note that you can also promote Travis' Thief class into Rogue to use the enhanced version of the skill (Plunder II).

Travis Unit Guide: How to Recruit

Clear various quests to earn money fast.

Unicorn Overlord - Quests

Simply clearing quests lets you accumulate a decent amount of money in the game. The more points you get as a result of clearing a quest, the more money you get.

The more enemies you defeat and the faster you clear the stage, the more rewards you will receive. Because of this, aim to clear each battle efficiently.

Defeat special enemies near forts.

Unicorn Overlord - Fort Enemy

If you win certain battle against special enemies by talking to them near forts, you will receive money which is usually in the several thousands. Be sure to challenge these foes frequently if you want to farm money fast.