Unicorn Overlord - Should You Hire Mercenaries?
This guide details the benefits and advantages of hiring mercenaries in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord - Should You Hire Mercenaries?

Should You Hire Mercenaries in Unicorn Overlord?

Unique units alone are not enough in the game.

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If you only have unique units in your army, you will not be able to place garrisons in every town.

Therefore, if you want to have garrisons in every town, you have no choice but to hire mercenaries.

Instead, a better question to ask in the game is "Is it better to hire mercenaries and place them as defenders?''

We summarize the benefits of doing so below.

It is efficient to hire mercenaries.

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In general, it is more efficient to hire mercenaries who will act as defenders.

When you place defenders, they will collect money and material items that have fallen around the town each time you clear a stage.

Being able to diligently pick up material and items should not be overlooked and you will also earn medals this way.

You get medals and money by delivering materials to towns.

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You will receive medals and money by delivering materials to towns.

In other words, the medals you spent on hiring mercenaries can be easily farmed which means that there are almost no disadvantages to hiring mercenaries.

In fact, you can get more medals in the long-run having assigning mercenaries as defenders than not doing so which makes hiring them all the more worthwhile.

Since you also get money with each delivery of materials, hiring mercenaries is also beneficial from a financial standpoint.

Recommended Mercenaries

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When hiring mercenaries to serve as defenders, the most important thing to consider is the number of medals you will need to spend when hiring them.

The three mercenary types that cost the least number of medals are Fighters, Soldiers, and Housecarls so try to stick with hiring these for cost efficiency.