A tips for beginner in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord - Tips for Beginner

Tips for Beginner in Unicorn Overlord

Read the Messages Without Skipping

Unicorn Overlord - Message

Many of the things summarized here are introduced in tutorials and messages. Therefore, it's recommended to read the conversations and messages in the game without skipping them. Also, if you skip conversations, you'll end up skipping things that require "conversation" between characters as a character recruitment condition, as well as hints necessary for progress, so be sure to read the messages carefully.

Tips on how to find the item you want

Unicorn Overlord - How to Find Item

By hovering over a town name in the world map town list and pressing the X button, you can check the selection of products in the shops in that town, so use this when searching for the item you want.

Steps to check shop's product lineup on the world map

  1. While moving through the field, open the world map with the [-] button
  2. Press the left or right directional button to display a list of towns.
  3. Place the cursor on the town name and press the X button
  4. Select the shop you want to see with ZL or ZR

Guards placed in town can be put inside an unit

Unicorn Overlord - Town Guards

When you rebuild a town, you will be able to place guards. Characters placed as a guards can also be put into the unit that will go into battle, so place them as you see fit from the characters you have. There's no demerit in placing a guards in towns, so don't forget to do it.

Unit Speed Depends on the Leader

Unicorn Overlord - Movement Speed

The movement speed of units is highly dependent on the movement speed of the leader. Therefore, even if the units have the same members, their movement speed will vary greatly depending on the leader's class. So, basically, if you place a high movement speed character as the leader, such as a cavalry or a thief, the movement speed of the units will be faster.

Royal Order is only effective on a single unit

Unicorn Overlord - Royal Order Details

Alain's valor skill that increases experience gain "Royal Order" only activates its effect on a single ally unit.

Single Target Skill Display Area Skill Display
Unicorn Overlord - Single Target White Frame Unicorn Overlord - Area Skill Light Blue Frame

Skills that affect a single target are displayed with a white frame, while skills that affect everyone within the range are displayed with a light blue frame.

Fast-forward Field Time when Completing a Stage using ZR

Unicorn Overlord - Fast Forward Field Time

You can fast-forward using ZR even after giving strategy instructions when completing a stage. You can fast forward with ZR during battle, but don't forget that you can also fast forward the elapsed time on the field map when conquering a stage, so be sure to keep this in mind.

Press [-] button to open the entire map while in battle

Unicorn Overlord - Stage Map

If you press the [-] button on the field screen during battle, you can see the entire map of that stage. You can visually check the location of enemies on the map, so take advantage of it.

How to use two-man formation

Unicorn Overlord - Ballista

A two-man unit can be used as a dedicated catapult or ballista unit during battle. Catapults and ballistas can deal a certain amount of damage regardless of the character's strength, so even low-level characters can be useful. Also, defeating enemies with ballistas, will also give you experience points, so it's perfect for leveling up.

There is no death penalty

Unicorn Overlord - Cornu Sacred Ash

There is no death penalty in this game. If you use Cornu's sacred ash, you can come back even if the game is over under any conditions. Cornu's Sacred Ashes can be obtained by exchanging field ruins and Heaven Fragments, so be sure to keep several in stock at all times.

Sure Hit VS Sure Dodge, Sure Hit Win

Unicorn Overlord - Sure Hit

Remember that when a sure hit effect and a Sure dodge effect collide, the sure hit wins.