SaGa: Emerald Beyond - Monster Techs Guide
An overview and guide about Monster Techs, detailing its uses and requirements.

Monster Techs Overview

SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Monster Techs Overview

In SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB), monster techs are techniques that summon monsters imprisoned in magic gear to take down opponents.

When characters from the Monster, Mecha, and Magic Gear Wielder races have been equipped with Magic Gear, they will be able to use special skills to absorb monsters and acquire their abilities.

Note that if the monster possesses a unique skill, it will attack on its own accord.

About Monster Release

SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Monster Release Overview

A Tech called "Monster Release" can be used to let monsters out of Magic Gear. Once activated, it will grant you the ability to deploy Monster Techs, which have an attack power that is greater than usual but come at the expense of you receiving damage.

About Monster Absorption

SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB) - Monster Absorption Overview

If a character in the category of Monster, Mecha, and Magic Gear Wield has been equipped with an unfilled Magic Gear, they will have the ability to absorb the monster that they have defeated in battle.

The character that absorbed the monster will be able to utilize its skills and abilities.