Unicorn Overlord - Should You Go to Elheim or Drakenhold First?
Details on whether to go to Elheim or Drakenhold and each region's benefits in Unicorn Overlord.

Should You Go to Elheim or Drakenhold?

Go to Drakenhold

Unicorn Overlord - Drakenhold

After clearing the Main Quest: The Priestess, Abducted in the kingdom of Cornia, Josef will advise you to go to one of the two regions.

It doesn't matter which region you choose, but we highly recommend going to Drakenhold.

The required level for the first quest is low, making it easier for you to complete.

Go to Elheim first to recruit high-class characters.

Unicorn Overlord - How to Recruit Rosalinde

Before proceeding to Drakenhold, head to Elheim first and clear the Main Quest: The Winding Wood.

The Winding Wood is a quest that can be cleared without a battle, and once cleared, you will be able to recruit Rosalinde, a high-class character.

She will be a great addition to your party, so recruit her before going to Drakenhold.

Main Quest: The Winding Wood Location

Unicorn Overlord - The Winding Wood Location

The Winding Wood can be found on the south of Bellum Ghoria Hamlet in the Cornia region.