Unicorn Overlord - Side Quests
A list of all Side Quests in Unicorn Overlord, including levels and location.

All Side Quests in Unicorn Overlord

Below is a list and summary of all the side quests in Unicorn Overlord, including their level requirements to clear. Side Quests are grouped by region in the game.

Kingdom of Cornia Side Quests

Unicorn Overlord - Cornia Emblem

Side Quest Recommended Level Location
A Solitary Resistance Level 3 or higher. West of Fort Soligie
As the Tricorns Ride Level 4 or higher. Cornia's Southwestern Coast
The Winged Knight Level 4 or higher. Fort Mainteneaut
The Self-Effacing Sorcerer Level 5 or higher. Near Fort Veille
The Mercenary's Trial Level ? or higher. Bellum Ghoria Hamlet
Province of Famine Level 6 or higher. South of Facon Town
Uprooting the Rock Rats Level 7 or higher. La Criselle Town
The Blade of House Meillet Level ? or higher. Lisbouche Garrison
The Unyielding Shield Level 12 or higher. Saint le Riche Town
The Tormented Helm Level 14 or higher. Oevuille Town
Dying Breath of an Empire Fallen Level 45 or higher. Ruins of the Ancient Zenoiran Empire

Kingdom of Drakenhold Side Quests

Unicorn Overlord - Drakenhold Emblem

Side Quest Recommended Level Location
Beyond the Swirling Sands Level ? or higher. Ganrafeldt Town
Black Knight of the Dunes Level ? or higher. Gravemond Town
The Champion Order Level 13 or higher. Ompalast Town
Two Armies as One Level 15 or higher. Fort Hossent
Blooming Rose on Bare Rock Level 16 or higher. Pritzlasse Fortress

Kingdom of Elheim Side Quests

Unicorn Overlord - Elheim Emblem

Side Quest Recommended Level Location
A Half-Elf's Resolve Level 16 or higher. Rokkuros Town
The Resistance Lives On Level ? or higher. Rokkuros Town
A Shifting Tide Level 17 or higher. Yaniss Town
The Elven Knight Level ? or higher. Simtukka Town
Ervelda, Guardian of the Fae Level 20 or higher. Rukasmala Town
Bowman of the Setting Sun Level 20 or higher. Voitarafi Town

Kingdom of Bastorias Side Quests

Unicorn Overlord - Bastorias Emblem

Side Quest Recommended Level Location
Ferocious Loyalty Level 27 or higher. Vastokgora Town
The Kingdom of Gordonia Level ? or higher. Near Lornivisch Harbor
To Resist or To Yield Level 29 or higher. North and South of Fort Kharodetz

Kingdom of Albion Side Quests

Unicorn Overlord - Albion Emblem

Side Quest Recommended Level Location
The Faithless Knight Level 30 or higher. Near Hampton Harbor
Shield of the Sacred Level ? or higher. Amber Abbey
A Faded Flower Level ? or higher. Oakford Town

What are Side Quests?

Side Quests are optional side missions you can take in Unicorn Overlord.

Some Side Quests are not consequential to the main story but you can get new units, weapons, and equipment so it is advisable to clear them.