Unicorn Overlord - Overworld Quests
A list of all the Overworld Quests and an overview of the Auxiliary Stages in Unicorn Overlord.

Overworld Quests List

Cornia Region

Unicorn Overlord - Cornia Emblem

Overworld Quest Lv. Location
Bridge Southeast of Gran Corrine - Stone bridge southeast of Gran Corrine
An Angel's Request - Palevian Church
Bridge Southwest of Gran Corrine - Stone bridge southwest of Gran Corrine
Palevia's Escaped Chickens - Isle of Palevia
The Black Market Trader - Throughout Fevrith
Tombs of Successive Kings -
The Cemeteries of Cornia - Throughout Cornia
Carved of Cornia Stone - Throughout Cornia
Bolstered Ranks - Throughout Fevrith
Expanding a Unit - Throughout Fevrith
A Sparring Session - Throughout Fevrith
? Delivery - Throughout Fevrith
The Local Guardsman - Throughout Fevrith
In Search of Riches - Cornia Quarry
Sigils of the Ancient - Throughout Fevrith
Armaments of the Anemoi - Throughout Fevrith
The Sigil's Trial, Beginner 1 6 ?
The Sigil's Trial, Expert 1 31 ?
The Sigil's Trial, Expert 2 34 ?
? Arena - ?
Expanding a Unit (3 to 4) - Throughout Fevrith
Expanding a Unit (4 to 5) - Throughout Fevrith
A Fine Meal - Any Tavern
? - ?
? - ?
? - ?
? - ?
? - ?

Drakenhold Region

Unicorn Overlord - Drakenhold Emblem

Overworld Quest Lv. Location
Drakenhold's Escaped Chickens - The Drakenhold Desert
The Cemeteries of Drakenhold - Throughout Drakenhold
The Sigil's Trial, Beginner 1 10 ?
The Sigil's Trial, Moderate 1 13 ?
The Sigil's Trial, Moderate 2 15 ?
Bridge Northeast of Baumratte - Northeast of Baumratte
Ompalast Wooden Bridge - Near Ompalast Town
Carved of Drakenhold Stone - Throughout Drakenhold

Elheim Region

Unicorn Overlord - Elheim Emblem

Overworld Quest Lv. Location
Raising the Submerged Bridge - North of Fort Joperse
Siltakulya Bridge - Near Siltakulya Town
The Cemeteries of Elheim - Throughout Elheim
The Sigil's Trial, Advanced 1 21 ?
Carved of Elheim Stone - Throughout Elheim

Bastorias Region

Unicorn Overlord - Bastorias Emblem

Overworld Quest Lv. Location
Bastorias's Escaped Chickens - The Bastorias Tundra
The Cemeteries of Bastorias - Throughout Bastorias
Carved of Bastorias Stone - Throughout Bastorias
Bridge Southeast of Bastoritza - Southeast of Ancient City of Bastoritza
Bastorias Quarry Bridge - Near the Bastorias Quarry

Albion Region

Unicorn Overlord - Albion Emblem

Overworld Quest Lv. Location
The Cemeteries of Albion - Throughout Albion
The Sigil's Trial, Advanced 2 26 ?
The Sigil's Trial, Advanced 3 29 ?
Carved of Albion Stone - Throughout Albion

About Overworld Quests

Overworld Quests are quests that occur when certain conditions are met.

Clearing the Overworld Quests will reward you with a Military Treatise, Accessories, and Honors. In rare cases, you may receive equipment or even recruit a new companion.

About Auxiliary Stages (The Sigil's Trial)

Unicorn Overlord - Auxiliary Stages

The Sigil's Trials Overworld Quest can be repeated as many times as you want.

You can use these stages to get EXP, Renown, Military Funds, and Honors. In addition, the Sigil's Trials stages can also help you level up and earn money fast.