Unicorn Overlord - Feathershield Class Guide: How to Unlock
Class overview, learned skills, and unlock condition guide for Feathershield class in Unicorn Overlo

Feathershield Class Guide in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Feathershield Class Guide: How to Unlock

Feathershield Class Information

Feathershield Class Details

Character Details
Class Type Sword / Shield / Flying / Armor / Angel
Class Trait x2 evasion while fighting against land-based opponents.
Stamina 4/4
Movement Type Flying
Assist Type None
Mobility 100
Leader Effect Resist Magick Assist: Reduces damage taken from magick asists.

Flight: Unit is unaffected by the effects of terrains and traps while moving on the battlefield.

Feathershield Class Battle Compatibility

Strong against Weak against
Wizard Hunter

Feathershield Class Skills

Active Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Impulse Attack a single enemy. Inflicts Mag. Defense -50% to ground-based targets.
Row Resistance Grants allies in the user's row +50% Mag. Defense. Extends to all allies during the day.
Mystic Shield Grants the user +50% Mag. Defense and +2 PP.

Passive Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Reflect Magick Activates before enemy uses a magick attack (Active). Reflect a magick attack. (Enemy's passive skills set to activate before or after an attack will not activate.)
Sacrifice Activates before an ally is attacked. Risk one's life to cover an ally. Grants the user +2 PP.
Mirror Weakness Activates after the user is debuffed. Remove the user's debuffs. Inflicts all removed debuffs on a target.

Valor Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Morror Ring Grants an allied unit the same buffs as the user.

Feathershield Class Unit Stat Growth

Stat Growth Rate Stat Growth Rate
HP B Initiative C
Physical Attack D Physical Defense C
Magic Attack D Magic Defense S
Accuracy C Evasion B
Critical Rate E Guard Rate B

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