Dragon's Dogma 2 - Post-Game Features
A break down of all post-game features and content in Dragon's Dogma 2.

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Post-Game Features in Dragon's Dogma 2

New Game Plus (NG+)

After viewing the ending of Dragon's Dogma 2, you will be taken to the title screen with the option to replay the story via the game's New Game Plus (NG)+ feature. Your game progress at the time the game was cleared is also transferred to NG+ which lets you access equipment, vocations, and other features from your previous  run.

Starting a new playthrough also lets you create a new characters (Arisen) from the Character Creation screen similar to New Game.

NG+ Features

Progress Carry-Over

NG+ lets you transfer your progress from your previous playthrough when replaying the main story.

  • Character Level
  • Unlocked Vocations, Skills, and Abilities
  • Equipment and Items
  • Gold and Rift Crystals
  • Progress in the Different Regions
  • Available Items Sold at Shops
  • Battle History
  • Pawns Hire History
    New Shop Items

    Going into NG+ also adds brand new items that can be purchased at equipment shops. These include new vocation-exclusive gear at shops (weapons and armor) that cannot be obtained prior to beating the game.

    The post-game equipment added in NG+ are among the strongest for each respective vocation, though they are still far surpassed by extremely powerful Dragon gear you can purchase for Wyrmslife Crystals from the Dragonforged at the Bay Wayside Shrine.

    Character Editor

    As mentioned, you will be able to return to the Character Creation screen when you choose to replay the main story on NG+.  Bear in mind that this is currently the only way to update your character's appearance outside of using the Art of Metamorphosis item which can be purchased as DLC in the game.