Dragon's Dogma 2 - How to Earn Dcp Fast
The best ways to get Dcp (Disciple Points) in Dragon's Dogma 2.

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Tips to Earn Dcp Fast

Complete quests.

Quests reward Dcp as well as useful equipment, items, and money in Dragon's Dogma 2. If you want to farm Dcp during the game's early stages, try doing main story quests or optional side quests that become available.

Defeat groups of enemies using strong AoE spells.

You can earn Dcp fast by defeating groups of regular enemies quickly using magic and skills that cover a wide area on the battlefield. This means that having one or two Pawns adopting the Mage or Sorcerer vocations will be ideal for grinding Dcp (as well as EXP) in the game.

Avoid farming with an all-melee team.

It will prove quite time-consuming to take down enemies one by one if your party consists of all melee vocations. Avoid this by recruiting at least one spellcaster to your party or change into a Mage or Sorcerer yourself.

Augment Skills for Dcp Farming

For more efficiency when farming enemies, it is recommended to have the Augment skills Prolificity (Magick Archer Rank 6) and Opulence (Mystic Spearhand Rank 4) set for your character.

Prolificity increases the likelihood of items dropping from small enemies while Opulence lets you obtain more gold from gold pouches in the game. Both of these passive skills allow you to easily farm money in addition to Dcp to save time.