Unicorn Overlord - Railanor Unit Guide: How to Recruit
Unit overview, skills, and recruitment guide for Railanor in Unicorn Overlord.

Railanor Character Unit Guide in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Railanor Unit Guide: How to Recruit

Unit Overview

Available Classes Growth Type 1 Growth Type 2
Elven Fencer Defensive Precise
How to Recruit
Clear Liberation Quest: The Battle for Voryatan

Elven Fencer Class Information

Elven Fencer Class Details

Character Details
Class Type Sword / Infantry / Caster / Elf
Class Trait N/A
Stamina 6/6
Movement Type Infantry
Assist Type Magic
Mobility 100
Leader Effect Magick Assist: Can provide magick assists for allied units.

Elven Fencer Class Battle Compatibility

Strong Against Weak Against
- -

Elven Fencer Class Skills

Active Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Lightning Blade Attack a single enemy. Inflicts Stun.
Nature's Wrath Attack a column of enemies with piercing magick. Inflicts PP -1 to cavalry targets.
Mirage Stab Attack a row of enemies. Grants the user the ability to evade one attack.

Passive Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Sylphic Barrier Activates after an ally is hit by a ranged phys. attack. Allow an ally to evade one attack.
Remove Weakness Activates after the user is debuffed. Remove the user's debuffs. Grants user a buff to evade one attack.
Evasive Impetus Activates after evading an attack. Grants the user +1 AP.

Valor Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Thundercloud Rain lightning on a position and damage all enemy units within range. (Magick potency: 50. Duration: 20 seconds. Damage occurs every 2 seconds.)

Elven Fencer Class Unit Stat Growth

Stat Growth Rate Stat Growth Rate
HP C Initiative C
Physical Attack B Physical Defense D
Magic Attack A Magic Defense B
Accuracy C Evasion B
Critical Rate D Guard Rate D

Elven Fencer Class Unit Level 50 Stats

Stat Level 50 Stat Growth Rate
HP 77 Initiative 30
Physical Attack 42 Physical Defense 25
Magic Attack 52 Magic Defense 46
Accuracy 146 Evasion 60
Critical Rate 17 Guard Rate 17

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