Dragon's Dogma 2 - Main Quests List and Rewards
A list of all main quests in Dragon's Dogma 2 and rewards for clearing them.

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Main Quests List and Rewards in Dragon's Dogma 2

Below are all main story quests and rewards in Dragon's Dogma 2 along with all rewards and unlockable features for clearing each quest.

Quest Name Description Rewards and Unlockables
A Gaoled Awakening "Having sat upon the throne in your dreams, how could you be content to remain a slave? When a voice whispered that your fate was not to perish here, you seized your chance to escape and took to the skies." None
Tale's Beginning "You have discovered your identity: you are the true Arisen. For proof, look no further than your pawn – the faithful servant whom you summoned from the riftstone. Your pawn’s companionship will doubtless be a source of comfort during the long and arduous journey that lies ahead." 700 G
In Dragon's Wake "You found the village in ruins, rent by the dragon’s claws. Fragments of memory returned to you, but just as you began to piece them together you were cornered by the watchhead. Now you are under suspicion of being an imposter – a false Arisen – and must travel to the capital if you wish to prove your identity." None
Seat of the Sovran You have learned that the capital is wrought with political strife, and that a false Arisen has assumed the title that should be yours. In order to expose this plot and reclaim your identity, your must find a way to remove the imposter from the throne. To that end, it seems prudent to meet with Captain Brant, who has declared himself an ally to your cause, and hear his proposal. Unlocked Quests: Monster Culling, Disa’s Plot, and The Caged Magistrate
Monster Culling "Your efforts to aid the kingdom’s soldiers in their monster-culling duties earned you considerable renown as the Arisen. Though this is but the first step in your ascension to the throne, it is valuable progress all the same." Expeditioner’s Cloak x1, 7000 Gold
Disa's Plot "Slip into the palace through the rear gate between the hours of midnight and dawn and search the queen regent’s office for incriminating evidence." Wakestone x1, 6500 Gold, 1200 EXP
The Caged Magistrate "The Magistrate is being held in the dungeons. Make use of the key your received from Captain Brant to pay him a visit. It seems the magistrate is only prepared to leave his cell if you can find him a place of refuge fit to quench his thirst for knowledge." Ferrystone x1, 7000 Gold
The Stolen Throne "You are to attend a masquerade and seek an opportunity to draw near the false Sovran. But in order to gain entry to the masquerade hall, you must first dress in formal raiment and don a mask." Wakestone x1, 6500 Gold
An Unsettling Encounter "Disa’s plot may not be the only nefarious scheme unfolding within the palace. Minister Allard, one of the queen regent’s staunchest supporters, also bears investigating." Ring of Accrual x1, 5500 Gold
Feast of Deception "The coronation is the perfect opportunity to expose Disa’s schemes and unseat the false Sovran once and for all. Your preparations made, you’re set out to attend the grand event." Beastren Border Entry Permit x1, Portcrystal x1
Nation of the Lambent Flame "The false Arisen displayed the power to control pawns at the coronation – a power Bran believes to be derived from the godsway. Make for Battahl and learn more of this artifact." Battahl Residence Permit x1
Flickering Shadows "You have arrived in Bakbattahl seeking answers about the godsway. As you try to find your feet in this unfamiliar land, someone gives you a suggestion of where to begin." 25000 Gold, 3200 EXP
Convergence "At around the same time that a mysterious shrine rose from the sea off the coast of Harve Village, a passage revealed itself in the depths of Stormwind Cave." Dulled Godsbane Blade x1, 15000 Gold, 4000 EXP
A New Godsway "The Godsbane that Rothais entrusted into your care is no mere blade, but his own soul—the soul of an Arisen. This, it seems, is what Ambrosius has been so desperately seeking." Wakestone x1, Empowered Godsbane Blade x1, 35000 Gold, 6000 EXP
The Guardian of Gigantus "Ambrosius has instructed you to pass the Godsbane blade he crafted from a relic of the Forgotten Sovran into the hands of Lord Phaesus." 19000 EXP
Legacy (Final) "Led by the Godsbane blade, you followed Phaesus to Moonglint Tower, where he intends to create a dragon and control the world’s fate. Your own destiny—the ultimate choice—is nigh." Unlocked Game Mode: New Game Plus (NG+)