Unicorn Overlord - Featherstaff Class Guide: How to Unlock
Class overview, learned skills, and unlock condition guide for Featherstaff class in Unicorn Overlor

Featherstaff Class Guide in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Featherstaff Class Guide: How to Unlock

Featherstaff Class Information

Featherstaff Class Details

Character Details
Class Type Staff / Flying / Spellcaster/ Winged Man
Class Trait Halves the accuracy of ground melee attacks
Stamina 4
Movement Type Flying
Assist Type Recovery
Mobility 150
Leader Effect Healing Assist & Flight: Can provide healing assists for allied units.
Ignore terrain and trap effects when moving.
Available Characters Unicorn Overlord - Sanatio< Character IconSanatio

Featherstaff Class Battle Compatibility

Strong against Weak against
None Hunter

Featherstaff Class Skills

Active Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Overheal Restore minor HP to a row of allies above their limits.
(Can Heal up to 150% above maximum HP.)
Honed Healing Grants a row of allies a buff that doubles
HP restored when healing.
Holy Cradle RestGrants a row of allies the ability to withstand one lethal blow.

Passive Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Hastened Heal Activates at the start of battle. Restore minor HP to all allies.
Grants HP regeneration during the day.
Preemptive Heal Activates before an ally is attacked. Restore moderate HP to an ally.
Holy Breath -

Valor Skills

Skill Skill Effect
Distant Heal Restore 50% HP to allied units within range.

Featherstaff Class Unit Stat Growth

Stat Growth Rate Stat Growth Rate
HP D Initiative A
Physical Attack F Physical Defense E
Magic Attack C Magic Defense S
Accuracy C Evasion S
Critical Rate F Guard Rate F

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