Dragon's Dogma 2 - How to Earn Gold Fast
How to Earn Gold Fast in Dragon's Dogma 2 Farm gold fast by doing quests. Simply doing main quests a

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How to Earn Gold Fast in Dragon's Dogma 2

Farm gold fast by doing quests.

Simply doing main quests and side quests will let you accumulate a hefty amount of gold even at the start of the game. This is in addition to money you can earn by defeating enemies and selling loot you find while clearing a quest's objectives.

Pawn Quests

Pawn quests are a particularly effective means for farming money as some of them will reward with upwards of 5000 Gold after clearing them. When scouting for Pawns to hire at the Riftstone, look for Pawns that are at least 2 levels above you as their Pawn Quests yield the most rewards.

Earn gold quickly by selling equipment and loot you do not need.

The sheer amount of items you get throughout the game is likely to fill your inventory fast, causing your carry weight to hinder movement. This also prevents you from picking up more loot while exploring.

Because of this, make it a habit to stop by shops to sell off any of your unwanted gear and loot before going on another quest. Not only will you earn a good amount of gold for regularly selling items but also free up your inventory to be below a "medium" carry weight for better mobility in battle.

Defeat all enemies you encounter to earn gold.

Finally, the most direct way to rack up gold while exploring is to kill any and every enemy you encounter in the open world. These can range from Goblins who are worth 200 gold when defeated to large monsters like Griffins who will yield rare materials you can sell for hefty sums of money.

Recommended Augment Skills for Farming Enemies

To maximize the returns you get for farming enemies for money, try to equip the Prolificity and Opulence augment skills from the Magick Archer (Rank 6) and Mystic Spearhand (Rank 4) vocations.

All Vocation Augment Skills

Prolificity increases the likelihood that smaller targets will drop items while Opulence Increases gold obtained when acquiring gold pouches. Both skills will make gold farming more efficient so make sure to unlock them if you need to grind money fast.