A guide of rapport for Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - Rapport Guide

Rapport Guide for Unicorn Overlord

How to Increase Rapport

Sortie with the Same Unit

Unicorn Overlord - Unit Sortie

If you sortie while belonging to the same unit, the rapports between members will increase. It is important to keep the same unit members in the squad instead of constantly changing them.

Eat Meals in the Inn

Unicorn Overlord - Inn Meals

Eating at an inn can quickly increase your rapport. Since it doesn't cost much money, you can increase your rapport efficiently.

Set as a Guard and Give Gifts

Unicorn Overlord - Gift

When you rebuild a town, you can place guards in that town. You can give a gift by pressing the [R] button near the placed character. Giving a gift will increase the rapport between Alain and the character, and will increase even more if the item you give is their favorite item.

Benefit of Increasing Rapport

Get a Formation Bonus

Unicorn Overlord - Formation Bonus

If you form an unit with members that you have a certain level of rapport, your will get a formation bonus that boost your status. The effect increases as the rapport level increases, so it is an important thing to consider towards the end game.

Triggers Rapport Conversation

Unicorn Overlord - Rapport Conversation

When your rapport with a specific character increases to a certain level, a rapport conversation will occur. You can get items by watching the rapport conversations, so don't forget to watch them. You can always check the location of rapport conversations from the world map by pressing the [-] button in the field.

Become a Marriage Partner (Alain only)

Unicorn Overlord - Marriage Event

As you progress through the story, an event will occur that will determine Alain marriage partner. The partner that you can choose at this time is the character with the highest rapport level with Alain. If you have a character you want to become Alain marriage partner, always put them in the same unit with Alain or continue to give them gifts.

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