All best main pawn vocation and trait in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Best Main Pawn Vocation and Trait

Best Main Pawn Vocation and Trait in Dragon's Dogma 2

Recommended Main Pawn Vocation and Trait

Mage with Kindhearted Inclination

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Mage Class

Reason for Recommendation

Mage has powerful magic attacks, but is also a job that is good at support, such as using recovery magic and attribute enchantments. If you use a melee job such as a fighter or thief, it's recommended to have a mage with Kindhearted Inclination Trait in your party because this trait makes the mage more focused on supporting the party.

Mage Characteristics

A mage with a cane supports the party both offensively and defensively, using not only offensive magic, but also enchantments that add various attributes to allies' weapons, and recovery magic that heals allies. The more advanced and the powerful the magic is the longer it takes to cast.

Kindhearted Inclination Trait Characteristic

Dedicate yourself to the nomination and respect the will of the Arisen. The most obedient Balanced type pawn that emphasizes support, often helps friends and Arisen in times of crisis.

Fighter with Calm Inclination

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Fighter Class

Reason for Recommendation

A tank-type pawn with high survivability can be created by using a fighter with calm inclination trait. When playing a long-range job such as a mage or archer, it's recommended to have a fighter with calm inclination trait in your party.

Fighter Characteristics

A fighter who wields a one-handed sword and shield is a job that specializes in close combat. As the vanguard of your party, fighter can cut into enemy lines and deal great damage, as well as protect yourself and your allies with your shield.

Calm Inclination Trait Characteristic

Reflect and expand the range of strategies of the Arisen. Most careful Survival type pawn that emphasizes survival and moving around wisely by making full use of avoidance and defense.

Recommended Sub Pawns

Official Pawns with Advanced Vocations

  • The character's font color is different compared to normal pawns.
  • Official pawns up to Lv10 can be hired without consuming Rift Crystals.
  • Official pawns that are hired cannot be equipped with armor.
  • Some game specifications may differ, such as not appearing in monthly/overall rankings.
  • Official pawns may have a set period in which they can be hired.