Dragon's Dogma 2 - How to Unlock Warfarer Vocation
A guide on how to unlock Dragon's Dogma 2's new Warfarer vocation.

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Unlocked after clearing Side Quest: The Sotted Sage.

To unlock the Warfarer vocation, you must clear the late-game side quest The Sotted Sage at Volcanic Island Hostprings Camp.

How to Start The Sotted Sage

Talk to Lamond at Volcanic Island Hotsprings Camp.

To begin The Sotted Safe side quest, you must talk to the former Arisen Lamond just outside Volcanic Hotsprings Camp.

The Sotted Sage side quest requires you to bring bottles of Newt Liqueur to Lamond which can be crafted using 1 Fruit Wine and 1 Saurian Tail. You can also find the required item around the game's various locations so avoid selling it for this purpose.

Once you give Lamond 3 bottles of Newt Liqueur the quest will be complete and the Warfarer job becomes unlocked. Then, go to the Vocation Guild and spend the necessary amount of Dcp to change into the class.

What is the Warfarer Vocation?

A highly-versatile class exclusive to the Arisen.

The Warfarer is a hybrid vocation available only to the Arisen (player character) which is able to use any vocation-exclusive equipment and skills in the game. This includes all weapons, armor, and weapon abilities, giving the class near-endless customization to accommodate very unique playstyles.

The Warfarer's versatility comes at the downside of having lower stats compared to the other vocations. This can be compensated for through the use of weapon and armor upgrades, rings, and other stat-boosting gear in the game.