Dragon's Dogma 2 - All Pawn Specializations
List of all Main Pawn Specializations in Dragon's Dogma 2.

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List of Pawn Specializations


The pawn who acquires this skill can use healing items on allies.


The pawn who acquires this skill gains the intuitive to combine materials and move items between allies’ packs.

Woodland Wordsmith

The pawn who acquires this skill can interpret Elvish for the Arisen.


The pawn who acquires this skill can offer to purchase a selection of items from the inventory for a fair sum of gold.


The pawn who acquires this skill will mark the locations of enhancement materials on the map.


The pawn who acquires this skill will not speak a word, except under very select circumstances.

What are Specializations?

Specializations are a type of special trait in Dragon's Dogma 2 that your Main Pawn can learn. These traits bestow unique abilities to the Pawn such as being able to understand and interpret Elvish or being able to know the locations of materials on the map.

How to Learn Specializations

Use Pawn Specialization Tomes.

Your Main Pawn can learn a Specialization by using Specialization Tomes. These are rare Implement items that are obtained for befriending different NPCs which usually entail fulfilling their requests or meeting other specific objectives in the game.

Can your Main Pawn learn more than one Specialization?

Your Main Pawn can only learn one type of Specialization. Using a Specialization Tome will allow them to acquire one unique trait by overwriting any existing ones they currently have.