Dragon's Dogma 2 - Permanent Events and Missables
All permanent events and missables in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Dragon's Dogma 2 - Permanent Events and Missables

Permanent Events and Missables in Dragon's Dogma 2

Side Quests and NPC Story Quests

Progressing through the game's main story too far can result in missing some side quests and NPC story quests. If you do not want to miss anything (including quests, items, and other features), do side quest as soon as they become available.

NPC Encounters

As mentioned before, if you missed a side quest there's a possibility that you missed meeting the NPC that you can only encounter on that side quest too. There may be an important NPC that can sell you equipment or item exclusive on that NPC, so try to do any side quests immediately to avoid missing this NPC.

Rare Equipment

Missing a side quest can also result in missing a rare equipment too. Some rare equipment can only be obtained from a side quest reward, so try to clear any side quest that you meet.

Character Race and Body Type

Character race and body type for the Arisen and Pawn's cannot be changed after you started the game. You can change characters Vocations and appearance later in the game but not your race and body type.

Tips for Missables

Back up your save using cloud storage.

You can back up your save file using cloud storage to allow you to go back to certain missables that have become permanently unobtainable in your current playthrough.

New Game+

New Game+ allows you to play again and choose different choices and doing any side quest that you missed on your previous playthrough.