Dragon's Dogma 2 - All Pawn Inclinations
List of all Pawn Inclinations in Dragon's Dogma 2.

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List of Pawn Specializations


Generally balanced combat role in battle but leaning more towards support.


Focused on defense and evasion in battle.


Active in looting items from defeated enemies after battle.


Very aggressive and will frequently fight enemies head-on.

What are Inclinations?

Inclinations are a type of special Pawn trait in Dragon's Dogma 2. Depending on their Inclination, a Pawn will behave differently in battle and will often prioritize certain actions over others.

Inclination Effects

  • Pawn Inclination determines how a Pawn will fight. Because of this certain Inclinations will be more suited to specific vocations, allowing them to more effectively fulfill their role in the party.
  • Pawn Inclination also affects a Pawn's voice and speaking tone. A Straightforward Pawn, for instance, will have sound more guttural and speak in a less restrained manner compared to other Pawns of different Inclinations.
  • Pawn Inclination also determines the unique actions that Pawns perform in and out of battle, including special gestures and non-verbal expressions.

Can a Pawn's Inclination Change?

A Pawn's Inclination can be changed by using Rift Incenses found in the game. Using these Implement items will remove their current Inclination in place of a new one as it is not possible to have two Inclinations at a time.

Bear in mind that changing a Pawn's Inclination is permanent. Be careful when using Rift Incenses as there is now way to bring back a Pawn's previous Inclination apart from using another Implement in the game.