Dragon's Dogma 2 - Arisen Stats Guide
An explanation and guide for the Arisen's stats in Dragon's Dogma 2 (Dragon's Dogma II).

Arisen Stats Explained in Dragon's Dogma 2

Overview and guide for the Arisen's Stats in Dragon's Dogma 2 (Dragon's Dogma II), including an explanation of each stat in the game and their additional effects and mechanics.

Character Stats are categorized into 2 types:

  • Primary Stats
  • Secondary Stats

Arisen Primary Stats

Stat Stat Effects
HP (Health Points)
  • Refers to total Health Pool.
  • HP increases by level increase.
  • HP recovers by using potions and eating food items. In addition, using Healing magick.
ST (Stamina Points)
  • Refers to total Stamina.
  • ST recovers by being idle or inactive in battle.
  • ST decreases by doing a number of actions. This includes running, blocking, and grappling.
  • ST recovers is influenced by the Arisen's body type.
  • The capacity to deal Physical Damage using melee or ranged attacks.
  • Strength is increased by leveling up, taking strength-based Vocations, and equipping stronger physical weapons.
  • The capacity to resist and mitigate Physical Damage.
  • Defense is increased by leveling up and equipping strong armor.
  • The capacity to deal Magick Damage using spells.
  • Magic is increased by leveling up and wielding spell-boosting weapons.
Magick Defense
  • The capacity to resist and mitigate Magick Damage.
  • Magick Defense is increased by leveling up and wearing Magick Defense armor.

Arisen Secondary Stats

Stat Stat Effects
Knockdown Power
  • The capacity to knockdown enemies using attacks or spells.
Knockdown Res
  • The capacity to prevent the Arisen from getting knocked down from enemy attacks or spells.
Slash Strength
  • Slash damage based on Sword or Dagger Weapons.
Strike Strength
  • Blunt damage based on Hammer, Stave, and Bow Weapons.
Slash Res
  • The capacity to resist and mitigate Slash damage.
Strike Res
  • The capacity to resist and mitigate Strike damage.
Weight Carried
  • The overall carry capacity of the Arisen. This includes items, potions, weapons, and armor.
  • If the Arisen has high Weight levels, Stamina will be consumed faster.

Increasing your Arisen's Stats in Dragon's Dogma 2?

Increase the level of Arisen.

You can improve your stats by leveling up your character. However, similar to the original Dragon's Dogma game, the Stat Growth of your Arisen may vary based on the Vocation you selected.

Replace or upgrade to powerful weapons and strongest armor.

Your Arisen's stats will increase whenever you wield powerful weapons and equip strong armor. Each piece of equipment has its own stat bonuses and effects.

Make sure the armor and weapon you choose fits your playstyle.

Switch to another Vocation.

To improve your stats further, you can switch to a different vocation. Take note that changing to a different Vocation will impact your Stat Growth.

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