Dragon's Dogma 2 - How to Ride Oxcart
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How to Ride Oxcart in Dragon's Dogma 2

What is an Oxcart?

Oxcarts are another way to quickly get between locations in Dragon's Dogma 2, such as reaching different towns, checkpoints, and nearby villages. Since oxcarts are a form of public transportation and needs to be paid for ahead of use, players can often board them the during the early hours of the day.

While traveling, there's the possibility that the Oxcart may be attacked; in such case, you can protect it and beat off the monsters.

Requires to do Side Quest: Oxcart Courier

You must complete the Oxcart Courier Side Quest at the Vernworth and speak with Donovan in order to start the feature that allows you to ride an oxcart. On this quest, the oxcart will be traveling to Melve and you must protect it along the way.

Unlocks Achievement: "One Speed Only"

You can only get this achievement after getting inside an oxcart. You will be need to give some gold for the oxcart to travel with before you are allowed to start and set out on the journey.