SaGa: Emerald Beyond - Plant Cultivation Kit Guide: How to Get
A guide on how to get a Plant Cultivation Kit the SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB).

How to obtain a Plant Cultivation Kit in SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa:EB)

An explanation and guide on how to acquire the Plant Cultivation Kit in SaGa: Emerald Beyond (SaGa: EB).

Diva No.5 Scenario (Vision Events) - Plant Cultivation Kit at the Invention Workshop

How to Get Incubator (Invention Workshop)
  1. Finish the Yellow Division Vision.
  2. Finish the Yellow Division Lift Vision.
  3. Finish the Yellow Division's Interview Vision.
  4. Pick "One More!" during the Yellow Division Researcher Vision. Choose "Exchange." afterwards.
  5. Obtain Crystals x3.
  6. Continue through the following Vision Events until the Invention Workshop Vision shows.
  7. After the Invention Workshop Vision emerges, go to the underground location.
  8. Choose “Gizmo Parts Processing.”
  9. Obtain Gizmo Part x1.
  10. Finish the Green Division Lift Vision.
  11. Finish A Cat from Another Dimension Vision.
  12. Obtain Gizmo Part x3
  13. Craft a Plant Cultivation Kit at the Invention Workshop.

Delta Base Vision Event - Yellow Division

1 Watch the event.

Delta Base Vision Event - Yellow Division Lift

1 Use the Yellow Division lift to descend to the lower level.
2 Go north of the map and speak to the Researcher.
3 Finish the Ritgram minigame. Rotate the puzzles by using the LR button. Fit the pieces into their respective spots.
4 Move southeast of the map. Talk to another second Researcher. Finish the second Ritgram minigame.
5 Proceed west to speak to the third Researcher. Finish the third Ritgram minigame.

Delta Base Vision Event - Yellow Division's Interview

Important Notes

  • Sniper Gloves x1 (Secondary Armor)
  • Cursed Book Page x1 (Key Item)
1 Watch the event.

Delta Base Vision Event - Yellow Clan Researcher

Important Notes

Event Branch
  • If you continue to decline the Researcher's exchange offers, the crystals obtained from Delta Base Event 20 - "Still the Yellow Division Researcher" will be necessary to unlock "Gizmo Parts Processing" in the workshop.
  • If you don't provide the Cursed Book Page, you can face the King of Curses later.
1 You will be offered crystals and Cursed Book pages in exchange for crystals.
2 Pick "One more" to 3 crystals. However, don't call again or the event will end abruptly without any exchange.

Delta Base Vision Event - Invention Workshop

Important Notes

Craftable Items at the Workshop
  • Incubator: Gizmo Parts x4
  • Plant Cultivation kit: Gizmo Parts x4
  • Gizmo Parts Processing: Crystal x2

Create new pieces out of Gizmo Parts and Crystals

1 Descend to the lower level by using the south lift.
2 The inventor's workshop is found southwest of the lower Red Division area. To go there, use the movement palette and select "□".

Delta Base Vision Event - Green Division Lift

Important Notes

Strong Enemy Drops
  • Earth Dragon:
    • Dragon Scale x1 (Material) or Dragon Scale Sword x1 (One-Handed Sword)
    • Blazing Fire (Concept)
  • Drifting Lizard:
    • Electromagnetic Radiation Gun x1 (Two-Handed Gun)
    • Omen of Cold (Concept)
1 Take the Green Division lift to transfer to the lower level.
2 Acquire the extradimensional cats x2 on the right first. Avoid approaching the left-facing cat or it will trigger a battle.
3 After pursuing the cats on the right, you take the enemies from the left area with the left facing cat. They will drop powerful weapons at a certain rate and so you need to save prior. Then, reload you game to face them again.

How to Defeat Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon is susceptible to Poison. Apply it during the first turn and follow-up with United Attacks and Showstoppers.

How to Defeat Drifting Lizard

Drifting Lizard is susceptible to Poison and Darkness. Capitalize these weaknesses to gain an advantage in battle.

Similar to the Earth Dragon strategy, use United Attacks and Showstoppers.

Delta Base Vision Event - Catch the Unique Dimension Cat

Important Notes

    • Gauntlet x1 (Secondary Armor)
    • Gizmo Parts x1 (Key Item)
1 Proceed to the lower level again by taking the south main lift after clearing the "Yellow Division Lift" or "Red Division Lift" events.

Craft the Incubator and Plant Cultivation Kit at the Invention Workshop

Key Point

You will be able to make an Incubator and Plant Cultivation set at the same time if you have Gizmo Parts x8.

Getting 8 Gizmo Parts would also mean that you reached the closing stages of the Delta Base portion without remaining combat events to clear.

How to Get 8 Gizmo Parts?

You can obtain 8 Gizmo Parts by clearing the Vision Events at Delta Base.

They include:

  • Growth of Slime Mold
  • What's Left Behind.